Go to the Avacture! Get into the action!

Experience treasure hunts, in the form of adventures in which you are the heroes, on foot in the streets of the city.

An adventure kit in hand, the investigation begins. It works like a pedestrian rally. You will have to solve puzzles using monuments and buildings that you will discover along the way.

Investigate the mysteries of history,
Decrypt treasure maps,

Decipher secret codes,

Solve puzzles.

Available year round

Day & Night

Alone, as a couple, as a family or in group

Many languages

Young & adults

Self service
or with an animator

Une belle façon de découvrir la ville à travers un jeu.

ICI Radio-Canada

Claudia Genel

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Ça ressemble à un scénario de film hollywoodien... sauf que le héros de cette aventure,... c'est vous!

La Presse

Martine Bouliane

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Toute une aventure! C'est franchement intéressant!

Salut-Bonjour Weekend TVA

Ève-Marie Lortie

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Un agréable prétexte pour découvrir une ville.


Sophie Marcotte

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Amusante, dynamique et libre, cette aventure est une véritable attraction. Ce concept constitue une nouvelle forme d'art.

Québec Plus

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Une intrigue à la Da Vinci Code construite à partir de notre histoire... Des heures et des heures de plaisir!

Rock Détente

Linda Tremblay

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A healthy activity for getting fresh air and walking.

Strengthens team (or family ;-) .

No need for a machine (GPS, tablet, smart phone). Instead, use your wits, your resourcefulness, and a good old treasure map.

The adventures combine fiction and historical facts . Have fun disentangling fantasy from reality.

A low-polluting ecological activity .

Do more than answer a series of aimless questions. Place yourself at the heart of scenarios inspired by true stories .

Discover the heritage and the secrets   of a city. Monuments, buildings, street names, unusual objects ...

Some adventures feature living characters .
Don't be distracted in your quest by the evil spies.

Ideal for groups

Avacture can accommodate groups of several hundred people.

  • Teams building, teams bounding

  • Social club

  • Office party

  • Christmas party

  • Congress

  • School trip

  • Fundraising activity