Become a point of sale for Avacture booklets

Avacture is looking for retailers to distribute its adventure booklets (retail stores, hotels, restaurants, boutiques, museums, bookstores).

The product

  • Rally on foot based on history and heritage. The activity mixes imagination and historical facts. It is both entertaining and educational.

  • An adventure booklet in hand, the investigation begins. Participants will have to solve puzzles using monuments and buildings that they will find all along the route in the streets of the city.

  • Participants experience the adventure alone, as a couple, or as a family, at the time of their choice and at their own pace.

  • No reservation needed. Accessible year round. Can be sold year round.


Retailer Promotion: Free Starter Kit

A starter kit valued at $ 150 is offered to you free of charge as a test:

  • 1 booklet display;

  • 5 first booklets selected by Avacture. Sell ​​them and keep the money;

  • No shipping costs;

  • No contract or commitment;

  • Nothing to return to us.

  • Limited time offer.

And after?

  • You can purchase additional booklets from the Avacture website.

  • You decide when and how much to order.

  • As a retailer, you will get 40% off at the time of purchase. This reduction represents your profit margin on resale.

  • The selling price advertised to the public is $ 23.81 + GST ​​= $ 25 (only GST applies on books).

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