Adventures with services

Avacture adventure kit
  • You can do our adventures in friendly competition.

  • In addition to being original and fun, they are educational and develop team spirit.

  • Turnkey activities including all equipment.

  • Avacture has already hosted groups of several hundred people.

  • Hundreds of companies, organizations and schools took up the challenge

Available city

  • Quebec city


Taxes not included. In Canadian dollars.

Regular price per person

  • Adults: $ 35

  • Children (under 18): $ 17.50

Condition: Minimum purchase of $ 350 before taxes (equivalent to 10 adults) or agree to pay this minimum in organization fees if you are less.

Group of 40 to 79 people

Fixed amount for the group.

  • Group of adults: $ 1,400

  • Group of children: $ 700

Group of 80 people and more

Price per person. Unlimited number of participants.

  • Group of adults: $ 17.50

  • Group of children: $ 8.75

Services and benefits included


  • Choice of date and time. Available year round, 7 days a week, day and night.

  • Choice of the desired language among the available options.

  • No deposit to pay.

  • You can cancel the activity free of charge .

  • You can increase or decrease the number of participants until the last minute.

  • Verification of the course by the designer before the activity.

  • Preparation of the material according to the monuments available that day.

  • Adventure master on site to supervise the activity.

  • Each team is lent an adventure bag containing explanations, a treasure map, puzzles, a pencil, etc.



  • A scenario inspired by a true story.

  • A concept of non-linear rally where the teams do not follow one after the other.

  • Character living on the course. A nasty "man in black" who spies on the teams to copy their answers and take pictures.

  • Taking souvenir photos .

  • Rainproof laminated documents.

  • Flashlights provided if the activity takes place in the evening.

  • A healthy activity on foot and in the open air.

  • An ecological activity without a car, low in waste and low carbon emissions.

  • Discovery of the historical heritage of the city.

  • Development of team spirit .



  • The Adventure Master will be available to correct answers and answer questions about the adventure and story.

  • Material recovery to reduce the activity's ecological footprint.

  • Zero liability for you for breakage or loss of material.

  • Editing of your souvenir album on a private web page for your group. You will be able to upload and share your photos.

Languages available

  • French

  • English

  • Bilingual (French and English in the same group)

  • Spanish


  • Point of departure and arrival:

    • Quebec city :

      • Champlain's Prophecy: Gardens of the City Hall.

      • The Heir to the Lily: Place des Canotiers opposite the Musée de la civilisation.

  • Procedure:

    • Introductory meeting with the facilitator (5 min.).

    • Survey on foot with the adventure kit that will be lent to you (all equipment is provided, even flashlights when it is dark).

    • Concluding meeting with the facilitator (5 min.).

  • Average duration:
    1½ hour

  • Adventure territory:

    • Quebec city :

      • Champlain's Prophecy: Intra-Muros Old Quebec (Upper Town).

      • The heir to the Lily: Quartier Petit-Champlain in Old Quebec.

  • Walking distance:
    About 2 km

  • Difficulty level:
    No need to know the history or the streets of the city. A map is provided.

  • Recommended age:
    12 years and over. As the puzzles are rather difficult, it is recommended that children be accompanied by an adult.

Available scenarios

Champlain's Prophecy: Search for an ancient treasure lost in the city

When Samuel de Champlain explores Quebec, it is to put in a safe place a treasure brought from Europe. He will finally create the Order of Good Times to ensure its protection.

But the evil Argus, who seek to seize the treasure, manage, after 400 years of research, to track down the last member of the order. Before dying, he gives you the documents that allow you to follow the trail of the treasure. You will become, despite yourself, the final target of the Argus.

Can you make it out and find the location of the treasure in time to reveal it to archaeologists?

The Heir to the Lily: Go in search of the tomb of a descendant of the kings of France.

This fascinating adventure will take you on the trail of the heir to the throne of France. You will get your hands on secret information, and follow the trail indicated by a series of puzzles through the streets of the city.

This information reveals that in 1793 the young Dauphin, heir to the throne of France, would have been hidden in Quebec when the French Revolution guillotined all members of the royal family.

An organization would have been formed in Quebec to protect the child and his descendants. The organization has strived over the centuries to preserve the symbols of royalty on monuments, buildings, and even in the emblems of Quebec. Indeed, it may not be a coincidence that Quebec has fleur-de-lys on its flag. Finding his grave would be proof that the last king of France was hidden in Quebec.

Can you solve this mystery and find the location of the tomb to reveal it to archaeologists?


  • Payable au départ de l'activité. 

  • Si vous êtes une entreprise ou une organisation vous pouvez être facturée après l'activité.

Modes de paiement acceptés:

  • Argent

  • Chèques

  • Cartes de crédit (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB)

  • Cartes de débit (Interac)

  • Virements par courriel (Interac)

  • Virements bancaires


  • Book at least 1 week in advance.

  • Fill out the online form.

  • You will receive a booking confirmation within hours.