Self-service adventures

Live the adventure alone, as a couple, or as a family, at the time of your choice and at your own pace.


  • A treasure hunt to discover the heritage of the city.

  • “Da Vinci Code” style walking rally based on history and heritage. The activity mixes imagination and historical facts. It is both entertaining and educational.

  • An adventure booklet in hand, the investigation begins. It works like a pedestrian rally. You will have to solve puzzles using monuments and buildings that you will find throughout the course.


  1. Form one or more teams.
    Recommendation: 2 or 3 people per team.

  2. Get one booklet per team.

  3. Go to the land of adventure.
    Recommendation: Wait until you are there before studying the booklet.

  4. Explore the city streets on foot to solve the puzzles and codes from the booklet.

  5. Find the final location as requested in your assignment.

  6. Check your solution on the web page specified at the end of the booklet.


Available city

  • Quebec City (2 routes available):

    • Champlain's Prophecy (Intramural Old Quebec)

    • The heir to the Lily (Quartier Petit-Champlain)


  • On average 1½ hour


  • French

  • English

Recommended age

  • 12 years and over.

  • Younger if accompanied by an adult.

  • Some puzzles can be quite difficult.

  • No need to know the history or the streets of the city. A map is included.

Available scenarios

Champlain's Prophecy: Search for an ancient treasure lost in the city

When Samuel de Champlain explores Quebec, it is to put in a safe place a treasure brought from Europe. He will finally create the Order of Good Times to ensure its protection.

But the evil Argus, who seek to seize the treasure, manage, after 400 years of research, to track down the last member of the order. Before dying, he gives you the documents that allow you to follow the trail of the treasure. You will become, despite yourself, the final target of the Argus.

Can you make it out and find the location of the treasure in time to reveal it to archaeologists?

The Heir to the Lily: Go in search of the tomb of a descendant of the kings of France.

This fascinating adventure will take you on the trail of the heir to the throne of France. You will get your hands on secret information, and follow the trail indicated by a series of puzzles through the streets of the city.

This information reveals that in 1793 the young Dauphin, heir to the throne of France, would have been hidden in Quebec when the French Revolution guillotined all members of the royal family.

An organization would have been formed in Quebec to protect the child and his descendants. The organization has strived over the centuries to preserve the symbols of royalty on monuments, buildings, and even in the emblems of Quebec. Indeed, it may not be a coincidence that Quebec has fleur-de-lys on its flag. Finding his grave would be proof that the last king of France was hidden in Quebec.

Can you solve this mystery and find the location of the tomb to reveal it to archaeologists?



$ 25 per booklet (and therefore per team).

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